Case Studies

Company Details

* One of India’s foremost end to end Transport and Logistics Company

* Led by promoters and second generation entrepreneurs

*Joint venture with a leading MNC.

*Have a run rate of 3500 Cr. in current FY


* Lack of strategic vision for business development and process implementation

* Need of collaboration and alignment among key stake holders.

* Divisions working in different silos.

* Unstructured & Non-standardized business processes followed at BU level Identified gaps in organisational structure.

Work Done

*Set up systems, best practices and controls to improve operations and business delivery

* Set up governance structure for increased collaboration among key stake holders leading to quick decision making.

* Structured business reviews with greater emphasis on strategic issues and to cultivate ‘bias for action’

* Analyzed business opportunities and developed a roadmap for entry into new business verticals


* Increased YoY Revenue Growth of over 30% in this year

* Better collaboration among BU heads resulted in efficient decision making

* Entered into new business verticals and diversified the company portfolio

Company Details

* A leading solution /service provider in the field of Cement & Steel Logistics

* Family led business run by promoter and family

* Having run rate of 200 Cr in current FY


* Lack of “what” and “how” ideas to achieve strategic vision of “3x turnover in 4 years”.

* Manual processes to track the progress of business operations

* Incompetent human resources and inefficient business operations at branch level

Work Done

*Identification of new business verticals with strong synergies to fast-track growth

* Organization restructuring at all levels to ensure ‘Right people at Right place’. Key aspect was to identify critical

* Success factors of a position and then map people based on their competencies to that position

* Implementation of weekly reviews between branch heads and business heads

* Set up marketing function and strategy to approach for business Development


*Increased YoY Revenue Growth of ~20% in this year

* Effective strategic decision making as a result of weekly review meetings

*  More disciplined and focused work culture at branch level to achieve business goals

* Reduction in unbilled and outstanding dues resulting in appropriate working capital deployment

Company Details

* An authorized channel partner for top brands of industrial lubricants

* A Manufacturer of machine & accessories for magnetic particle inspection

*Service provider for testing of equipment to OEM manufacturers

*Having run rate of 20 Cr in current FY


*Lack of clear roadmap to achieve strategic vision

 * Unclear duties and responsibilities of Key Management Personnel

* Absence of defined processes & policies within the company

 * Insufficient human resources for smooth running of business operations

* Traditional sales & marketing techniques were followed

Work Done

*Structured and formalized segregation of duties and responsibilities of Key Management Personnel

 * Set up system, processes and policies for production, business development and human resource management.

* Digitalization of marketing processes to expand business opportunities

* Streamlined and automated manufacturing processes

* Identification & analysis of new products and companies for expansion of trading division


 * Increased YoY Revenue Growth of ~50% in this year

*Clearly defined roles and responsibilities of Management