The Genesis of Our Commitment To Community

During a visit to his ancestral village, Qila in the tehsil of Dhuri, Mr. Amandeep, our Sherpa-in-Chief, took on a mission to highlight the importance of preservation and conservation.

'Padhai ke Sitare, Paryavaran Pyaare' emerged as an initiative dedicated to fostering education and environmental awareness among the young minds of Dhuri, Sangrur, Punjab. What began in the Government school of Qila has now extended to schools in Kumberwaal, Punnawal, and Rajomajra. The schools - GHS Handiaya and Government Primary School Handiaya are two new additions, under this initiative.


Padhai Ke Sitare, Paryavaran Pyaare: Our CSR Initiative

Under this initiative, we identify and recognize top-performing students from every grade. These students are then entrusted with the responsibility of nurturing a fruit-bearing sapling in their homes. As they nurture the saplings, the students report on their progress to the school principals. At the end of each month, a scholarship of Rs.250 is awarded to commend their academic achievements. This scholarship not only promotes scholastic excellence but also instills a sense of environmental stewardship.

This initiative, while still in its pilot stage, has been met with a warm reception from the schools involved. Currently, we stand at associating with over 6 schools and developing over 100 young minds. Nurturing the youth during their formative years ensures their holistic development, promoting their overall well-being. The Sherpas, known for their expertise in business growth, supports these young individuals in becoming the growth practitioners of their own lives.