Success Stories

Transformation: Streamlined Manufacturing | Widened Horizons

Company Details

  • An authorized channel partner for top brands of industrial lubricants
  • A Manufacturer of machine & accessories for magnetic particle inspection
  • Service provider for testing of equipment to OEM manufacturers
  • Having run rate of 20 Cr in current FY


  • Lack of clear roadmap to achieve strategic vision
  • Unclear duties and responsibilities of Key Management Personnel
  • Absence of defined processes & policies within the company
  • Insufficient human resources for smooth running of business operations
  • Traditional sales & marketing techniques were followed

Work Done

  • Structured and formalized segregation of duties and responsibilities of Key Management Personnel
  • Set up system, processes and policies for production, business development and human resource management
  • Digitalization of marketing processes to expand business opportunities
  • Streamlined and automated manufacturing processes
  • Identification & analysis of new products and companies for expansion of trading division


  • Increased YoY Revenue Growth of ~50% in this year
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities of Management