Customer Speak

  • "At Poddar Pigments Ltd., the founding generation was in the process of handing over the business to the next generation & wanted someone who has experience of transition of management from one generation to the other The Sherpas have a holistic approach. With their intuitive diagnosis, they held our hand while we took corrective measures on one of our derailed projects. What stands out about them is their ability to become a sounding board to the CEO just like personal set of Board of Directors and their nimble & flexible thinking."

    Gaurav Goenka
    CEO, Poddar Pigments Ltd, Jaipur
  • "It has been our pleasure to work with The Sherpas. We have learned a great deal in the last year. Be it the importance of HR or decision making based on data, upskilling of the current team or following the competition activities, solving of interdepartmental issues or absorption of modern technology, their point of view has been of great help. We are sure that we are on the right path with the right people to support and guide us."

    Avinash Agarwalla
    Director, Captain Steel, Kolkata
  • "I would like to thank The Sherpas for helping make a progress towards the growth of the company. Their business wisdom & strategic direction helped us achieve important initiatives like Business Strategy & define the purpose of the organisation. Their help and guidance will go a long way in the progress of the company and in achieving the defined goals."

    Nikhil Agarwal
    President, CJ Darcl Logistics Ltd., Gurgaon
  • "The Sherpas has helped us to set up the process of planning and reviewing our business on a weekly and monthly basis. With their continuous hand holding and raising relevant questions, we have identified new avenues of business. Their ability to hold us to account without stepping on our toes is unique."

    Aditya Poddar
    Director, Subhshree Logistics Pvt Ltd., Kolkata
  • "Amandeep is a great team leader with a “Can Do” attitude who keeps the environment motivated and energised and has great capabilities to mentor and turn around the companies to take them to the next level. He is a simple person with high and innovative thinking and always available to lend his rich experience selflessly at any time. We have immensely benefited from him in our enterprise with his suggestions which were very easy and simple to implement and brought major milestones."

    Manu Chopra
    Director- PDS International Pvt. Ltd.
  • "Amandeep is a farsighted leader with strong business acumen. He is someone who will have solutions to complex issues and takes his team and stakeholders along. I believe Amandeep is a game changer with a global outlook. I wish him all the success for future."

    Rajini Gupta
    Director- Indirect Taxes At InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®)
  • "Amandeep has been a mentor to me for more than a decade now. He has helped me a lot in growing Daffodil Software and improving our HR practices. His people skills are amazing and can help in formulating the right HR strategies which steer organisation towards its goals while keeping people extremely motivated and happy. He believes that great team builds great organisation and has very precise talent of identifying right kind of people for most important roles. I feel fortunate to have worked so closely with such an able leader."

    Yogesh Agarwal
    CEO At Daffodil Software & Unthinkable
  • I had an opportunity to seek mentorship of Amandeep ji as a as an Independent Director on board of CJ Darcl Logistics and as a friend over last 5-6 years. In this period of time, while his involvement as an Independent Director was limited, I found his ability to go down a few layers to understand the root cause of a problem or misalignment – and bring it forth asking incisive questions for people to identify for themselves the core issue has been very powerful and helped us as an organisation tremendously. He has been able to command respect from all our esteemed family and externals members of the board and senior leadership with his ability to faciliate threadbare discussion on tough issues and reach consensus on areas where people have been hugely divergent initially. I really appreciate and thank him for contribution to the company to improve overall corporate governance and quality of decision making by the board at CJ Darcl Logistics and his personal mentoring to me to deal with important issues I’d been struggling with and helping me see my blind spots and help me figure out way out.

    Puneet Agarwal
    President-IT/Strategy/Business Unit, CJ Darcl Logistics Ltd., Gurgaon